A bank letter MUST match this wording
EXACTLY in order to be valid

To:  Bidder-Up Auctioneers
       2932 NW 122nd  Suite 26
       Oklahoma City, OK 73120
To Whom it May Concern:
This letter will serve as your notification that (Bank Name) WILL IRREVOCABLY HONOR AND GUARANTEE payment of any check(s) written or wire transfers authorized by (Customers Name) up to (Dollar Amount of maximum bid totals) Dollars drawn on account number (account number) and payable to Bidder-Up Auctioneers.  
All wire transfers will be completed the first business day following the auction.  This GUARANTEE is for the purpose of our customer purchasing items sold at public auction (Date of Sale)

Bank Information



Officers Signature                                                                            


Telephone #

_____________________________                                                                                                            Bidders Signature




Letter must be on Bank Letterhead and original must be submitted to Bidder-Up